Chen Long laughed and said haha: “Okay, let’s go and try to visit together at night. This guy was very arrogant before. I said I belonged to the Demon Army. Although the demon army barely made it into the first-line legion, in everyone’s eyes, it is still the second-line, and the gap is a bit big.”
Su Long said with no anger: “Satisfied! Besides, you guys are Shanhai at a young age, what’s the matter? Insufficient, such a young mountain and sea will have to give you a bit of face.”
Chen Long is just in his early 40s, a few years younger than Su Long, and he has a good reputation in the army.
Chen Long shook his head and said: “I can’t compare, big brother, compared to those geniuses, I was killed by a higher level! The mountains and seas killed by the higher 南京品茶网 level are all like me! I think it’s okay. In the year, 72 advanced mountains and seas were opened, but now, those guys are promoted with 144 orifices at every turn, and the casting body is 27 times 36 times. I only cast the body 18 times. How can I compare with them?” He
sighed softly and rose from the army. The speed is fast. In more than ten years, he has stepped into the mountains and seas from Qianjun, and he is also somewhat famous in the entire Human Realm Legion.
But civilians are civilians after all!
In the mountains and seas, he really may not be able to match those powerful Lingyun.
Su Long heard this with a little regret, and quickly said: “Don’t be discouraged, it’s okay! It’s all because of my little boy. If you spread the primordial magic tricks earlier, you will be able to advance with more than 100 yuan of tricks! Now it 南京夜生活论坛 is not true. It’s too late, just open it again.”
“It’s too difficult to resuscitate the mountains and seas!”
Chen Long shook his head, “Unless one day breaks a small world and sees how luck is, can you seize a holy place of heavenly vitality, go in for cultivation, and resuscitation is faster. Otherwise, I don’t expect to get any more tricks.”
“Maybe it will work?”
Su Long comforted: “Don

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