in, take the bow and arrow.” Jiang Hao said, and then threw a set of bows and arrows to Lu Xin. Lu Xin was overjoyed when he took the bow and arrow. In fact, his best is the big gun, the second is archery, and the worst is swordsmanship.

Jiang Hao also took out a set of bows and arrows. His hands moved fast, the bow was pulled over the full moon, and one of the arrows he brushed flew out like lightning. He saw the head of a fast horse, and immediately the man staggered and shot an arrow in his chest. Then […]

ly, and I won’t be lonely. I can be full of courage. , Continue to live until the day to meet her.” The

middle-aged researcher looked stagnant and showed a 南京龙凤网 helpless wry smile. Because he is so close, he can see the contents of the computer screen in front of Ren Zai at this distance- that is a wallpaper. The content of the wallpaper is that under the night sky, butterflies dance and dance, and nine-tailed foxes […]

t everyone expects.

“I will hold a funeral for the 南京龙凤网 former leader Mr. Jiang Tianyang first, and then send the two Mr. Jiang to the burial, and then formally serve as the leader of Hongxing…” “My boss B can’t guarantee anything else, I promise to give my brothers a way to survive!” At this moment, boss B […]