ally Leaving you behind and running away, but you have to die willingly for this kind of person, is it worth it?” Mago smiled, his expression was enveloped under the gray robe hood, but the smile in his words would The complacency in his heart was shown unscrupulously.

Ren Xiaosu was silent, until half a minute later, he said, “What good do I have?” “Benefit?” The wizard Mago carefully looked at Ren Xiaosu: “In the wizarding kingdom, itRead More

s blood-stained fingers began to wave on the human skin. The breath he exudes at this time is many times more terrifying than when he was in the psychic school. In addition, Chen Ge also noticed one thing. The painter once said that he could only paint people, but now he does not hesitate to paint for the dean. In just a few seconds, he has outlined the figure of the fierce god on human skin. on. Bloody, the painter seems to have become a fierce god. The power to change the game has appeared! The painter himself is not as strong as Doctor Gao and Zhang Ya, but he has an extremely terrifying talent. Although the number of uses of the talents is limited and the conditions for use are extremely harsh, the hospital’s fierce gods cannot respond at all when they are caught off guard. When the dean felt that his control over the curse was declining, the painter’s painting was already half completed. “There is another fierce god!” The dean, who has always been confident, realizing that his strength is being taken away by others, he uttered a roar: “Close the blood door! Destroy the painting!” The eat surnamed fierce god and giant monster fierce god also realized. The situation is not good, and they both attacked Chen Ge’s blood gate at the same time. And Chen Ge was also extremely crazy here, besieging the door at the bottom of the hospital with all his strength. From the beginning of the “door” to the end of the “door”, the battlefield focuses on two blood doors. The fierce spirit struck, and the son of the tunnel ghost stood on the spot, with eight steps firmly supporting his body, and one after another blood shadows walked out of the door. The many red clothes of the psychic ghost school all appeared, and besides them, the old principal of the ghost school also let in the unknown in the blood city. With the blessing of psychic ghost school consciousness, many ghost school red clothes protected the painter. As the last stroke fell, the painter’s strength broke through again, and he successfully deprived th