ng man said.

by! Jiang Hao handed over one hundred dollars. The young man handed Jiang Hao a paper sign with a phone number written on it, and said, “Just say that Damon’s boss introduced it.” After receiving the contact information handed over, he 南京龙凤网 left the outdoor shop. , Put things into space in a secluded place, […]

n my pupils.

At this moment, Jiang Hao moved his hand, and a small purple-gold gourd appeared on the palm of his hand. “Come!” Zijin Gourd started, grabbing the woman at once, and the woman was shocked, but at this moment, most of her mind was still immersed in the intoxicating eyes, and 南京夜生活论坛 her body was so […]

d, Water Company did use all of the company’s resources on Jiang Hao, doing programs, posting news, canceling the advertisements of the natives and locomotives, replacing them with angels, and organizing therapy concerts.

The angels also lived up to their expectations. The effects of various activities were very good, which greatly alleviated the impact of the motherland people. The situation of Water Company was stabilized, and people’s memories were very short. They soon forgot the motherland people and transformed into Adoration of the new superhero angel. Some 南京桑拿会所 […]

an have a good chat

. As a political elite, Miles spoke very beautifully, which effectively eased the atmosphere of the scene. “No problem!” “Sir!” Zhuang Shikai raised his 南京炮网 hand and smiled. “Wow!” The twelve Flying Tigers all lowered their guns and no longer aimed at the Governor’s Prince, but they still maintained a fighting posture and did not […]

traordinary origin. It used to be a magic weapon for a generation of demon repairing Huofengluan Hongying. Before fighting with Luan Mingyue, she knew her identity as a bird, so naturally guessed To the identity of the old lady.

“Yes, it is the old man .” The old lady looked up and down Jiang Hao and found that she could not see his 南京炮网 cultivation level, and said: “The outside world said that Hao Tian Mo Zun was born in Emei. He was originally the big disciple Dan Chenzi of White Eyebrows. I learned […]


ightly: “I understand how you feel, but rest assured, this is only temporary-now our neural link technology has just started, and we still don’t have the ability to build our own mental network, so we can only temporarily’ Borrow from the network of the eternal sleeper, but when the technology matures, we will naturally create […]