n or eight god races in the place disappeared. Su Yu was too fast, too strong, and the Jingzi and Jiezi Gods were activated. How could these people find him? .

Su Yu ran around Prince Gong’s Mansion in the blink of an eye when he was moving around, and the lone travelers almost disappeared. Directly swallowed under the sun and moon, he suppressed those in the sun and moon realm first, so as not to have a vision. Killing those under the sun and moon […]

in, take the bow and arrow.” Jiang Hao said, and then threw a set of bows and arrows to Lu Xin. Lu Xin was overjoyed when he took the bow and arrow. In fact, his best is the big gun, the second is archery, and the worst is swordsmanship.

Jiang Hao also took out a set of bows and arrows. His hands moved fast, the bow was pulled over the full moon, and one of the arrows he brushed flew out like lightning. He saw the head of a fast horse, and immediately the man staggered and shot an arrow in his chest. Then […]

t there are so many people caring about Ren Suo’s accident, Zhao Zili let out a sour voice, “He’s okay, don’t touch him,” Let him sort his thoughts.”

It took several seconds for Ren Suo to slowly calm down, wipe the water from the corner of his mouth, and painfully start searching for information in his brain. Ren Suo finally understood why the “different life” only allowed him to have a record that could be transformed at any time. In addition to the […]

aw them come back. Tell them that there are frequent killings in Edo, so no one is paying attention to the poisonous man who burned to death last night. Everyone is safe for the time being.

Ayane said that 南京夜生活论坛 she didn’t know that Mr. Mu was the most wanted demon master of the six schools. She was relieved because she temporarily let go of the murder case , and even said with interest, “There are many hot springs in Musashi. It’s everywhere from Oumusashi to Chichibu, why don’t we find […]